The Media, Democrats and Don Quixote

For the past two years the mainstream media and leadership of the Democratic Party told us President Donald Trump colluded with the Russian government to “steal” the 2016 election.

In many ways, the narrative far too many tried to sell the American public is the real story, not Trump, Russia or the actual reasons why Clinton lost 2016. From day one, the bulk of the mainstream media and Democratic Party told you Trump was guilty of betraying his country, and they were the only ones that could be trusted to tell us the truth. That was a lie.

I want to first thank each of you that took time away from reading the Mueller Report to spend time with my column. Of course, there is some sarcasm in that statement because I know many Americans will not read the report, choosing to let other people tell them what it says. It is in our ignorance, our unwillingness to seek the facts ourselves, which allowed this fiction to fester and literally tear this country apart.

In some way, I envision today’s media playing the role of Don Quixote, believing themselves to be honest, idealistic warriors for truth and justice, determined to save the world. The collusion story is the manifestation of Dulcinea, the false apparition that is one of the unseen forces pushing Quixote, driving him to do good. The mainstream media wanted the collusion story to be true, and in the end their madness had them chasing windmills.

We, as an audience, have been fascinated, frustrated, and frankly, unnecessarily distracted from so many real issues facing this nation; at least those still interested in the body politics, a dwindling number with each passing day. In many ways, we have watched the living personification of the story of Don Quixote play out before our eyes. The difference between the fictional story of Don Quixote, and his knight-errantry to restore chivalric code of virtues and values to the world, is that both the mainstream media and major political parties in this nation are more concerned about protecting their institutions than serving the greater good of our nation. Division may be great for ratings and votes but does little to serve the overall general welfare vital to our nation.

Both sides, Trump haters and Trump fans, will run to the same sources in the mainstream media that have benefited from the “Russian Collusion” tale these past two years. I disagreed with the need of the special counsel, but once Mueller was selected, I publicly stated it was in our best interest to try to let the process proceed unmolested. But in my heart I knew where we are today was always our eventual destination. Bruised and battered, no better for the journey.

Before you applaud my condemnation or commend my remarks, although the Mueller Report found no collusion – its original target, nor did it find proof that obstruction of justice actually occurred, some of President Trump’s actions were inappropriate (at best) or potentially illegal if carried out (at worst).

What the Mueller team did find is a White House in chaos and a staff less than truthful. Mueller also learned some in Trump’s circle were constantly pushing back a president who was consumed with the investigation. A president so irritated that the investigation even existed, he asked people like FBI Director James Comey, Attorney General Jeff Sessions and White House Counsel Don McGahn to intervene in certain matters under investigation. Each person refused certain requests by Trump, knowing to do so would likely have been interpreted by reasonable people as obstruction of justice.

Regardless of where you stand on the investigation, Trump may be able to claim victory regarding the collusion allegation, but if not for the actions (or better stated, inactions) of Sessions, McGahn and Comey, Trump’s requests would have resulted in a much different Mueller Report. Whether their actions will be seen as admirable or a matter of self-preservation is irrelevant, but if either one or all acted differently, a taint would fall over the White House.

Maybe I have the characters wrong. Maybe I am Don Quixote, sitting upon my faithful but exhausted horse Rocinante, and maybe the mainstream media is my Dulcinea. Too idealistic for a world gone mad, believing in the virtues and values of a press that never really existed, or faded long ago. And playing the role of Quixote’s faithful, yet simple servant Sancho Panza (and his lovable donkey Dapple) are the American people; plain, reliable and either disinterested or tolerant with the fools that surround them.

What I do know is that where you stand on this story depends on which side of the political aisle you sit. Democrats on the left, Republicans on the right, and true independents smack dab in the middle. The other thing I know is that unless you read the Mueller Report, my opinion or those of anyone else are just that, opinions.

If you have made up your mind regarding this matter, don’t waste your time reading the report. But if you truly have an open mind on this matter, and are disinterested in fighting windmills, read the report and judge for yourself. And remember from Don Quixote, “The truth may be stretched thin, but it never breaks, and it always surfaces above lies, as oil floats on water.”

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