Jeff Chidester

Jeff is a well-known, respected public figure and political analyst in New Hampshire. Known for his keen insight, sharp wit and passion for New Hampshire, Jeff is a featured columnist at one of the nation’s longest running newspapers, the Portsmouth Herald, with a weekly column that appears every Sunday.

Jeff is also the host of the popular iHeart Communications – Clear Channel radio show NH Today Weekend Edition with Jeff Chidester (formerly known as New Hampshire Perspective) with Jeff Chidester, which can be heard on News Radio WQSO – 96.7 FM and New Hampshire’s News Network – WGIR – 610 AM.

With his patented sign-off “LFOD (NH’s State motto Live Free or Die),” NH Today Weekend Edition with Jeff Chidester features top news makers, small-businesses entrepreneurs, entertainers , non-profits, and charities.

Jeff was raised in historical Portsmouth and is a lifelong resident of New Hampshire. Jeff traveled the world extensively, living and working in the Far East and Europe for extended periods, but always returning to his home state of New Hampshire. Jeff’s broad travels provided him with insight to many different cultures and the impact of America’s footprint throughout the world.

Jeff served in the US Army, where he was recognized for meritorious service as a leader of a counter-terrorist security team tasked with the security of senior NATO personnel and American dignitaries. In that capacity Jeff worked and studied in Europe and the Middle East, functioning with numerous international intelligence and security agencies.

After a distinguished military career, Jeff transitioned from the US Army to a career in law enforcement in New Hampshire. Jeff graduated from NH Police Standards and Training Council as a member of the 84th Police Academy class. Jeff served as community relation’s police officer in New Hampshire, developing programs to bring people together in an effort to reduce crime and build a sense of neighborhood.

Jeff began his radio career as a member of the media in New England, hosting several radio shows in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Prior to joining Clear Channel in 2009, Jeff created and hosted the popular radio show Right Here, Right Now. As a radio host Jeff has been the featured guest speaker and has served as an emcee for numerous events, both political and charitable. In recent election cycles, Jeff has had the honor of serving as a debate moderator for local, state-wide and federal elections.

Jeff currently writes on matters relating to government’s role and responsibilities in our lives, international issues that affect the United States, current events, small businesses, charitable endeavors, as well as human interest stories. Jeff studied communications, history and economics at Emerson, University of Maryland (Eastern Shores), and University of Chicago.

Jeff currently resides in the New Hampshire with his wife Laura, son Matthew, and their dogs, Chester, Bennie, and Petey.

Rest in Peace Jack and Rudy

Jeff is available for media interviews and public appearances, which can be arranged by sending a request to mail to: [email protected].

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