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NHTW: Independence Day 2018

NHTW: The Loss of Abi Lizotte

NHTW: Make Rochester Great

NHTW: Media Bias, College Rioters, Where Are All The Gentlemen?

NHTW: NH Gold Star Family Memorial

NHTW: Voting in NH, Fake Protesters

NHTW: Decorum, What is Fake News, A Painting in Poor Taste

NHTW: Ethics in DC, Hacking Narrative, the 1st Amendment

NHTW: A Rising China, Dean Cheng

NHTW – Genevieve Wood: Supreme Court Nomination, Travel Restriction

NHTW- NH Political Witch-hunt (with Kimberly Morin)

NHTW: DC Ethics and the 1st Amendment

NHTW: Champagne 101

NHTW – Trump, Immigration, Rioters

NHTW –Bad Boy Trump, Eminent Domain, Scary Clowns

NHTW- 10/2/16: Lost History – A Profile Louis de Rochemont (the complete interview)

NHTW – 10/2/16: Lost History – Louis de Rochemont Extra

NHTW – 9/25/16: The Fiscal Health of the States

Show Source: Truth in Accounting Report

NHTW – 9/18/16: DC Budget Battle, US Constitution Day






Best of New Hampshire Perspective Radio Shows

NHP: Top Dog- Marine Hero Lucca

NHP: Sgt. Reckless – America’s War Horse – Robin Hutton. Original Air Date 08/09/2014.

NHP: Iran Nuclear Arms DealGenevieve Wood – http://dailysignal.com/author/gwood/

NHP: Andrew CaulsonCATO Institute

NHP: EU Minister Daniel Hannan – The New Road to Serfdom

NHP: Nullification – Tom Woods

NHP: Obama’s AmericaDinesh D’Souza

NHP: BEHIND THE GREEN MASK: U.N. Agenda 21 – Rosa Koire

NHP: Shakedown: Continuing Conspiracy Against American Taxpayers – Steven Malanga

NHP: Media Malpractice Film Maker John Ziegler

NHP: The Growing Threat of the Chinese MilitaryDean Cheng

NHP: Chinese Cyber AttacksDean Cheng

NHP: Dean Cheng-Heritage, Chinese Reforms

NHP: Control Freaks – 7 Ways Liberals Plan to Ruin Your LifeTerry Jeffrey

NHP: Illegal Immigration – Sanctuary Cities, Jessica Vaughan, www.cis.com

NHP: Immigration and the Presidential Primary, with Jessica Vaughan, www.cis.org

NHP: Constitution Failed – Dr. Robert Owen

NHP: Kate BakerNetwork for Education Opportunity (NEO)

NHP: Stealing You Blind – How Government Fat Cats Are Getting Rich Off of YouIain Murray

NHP: ShadowbossesMallory Factor

NHP: Lie After Lie – Commentary by Susan Carroll

NHP: Christopher HornerThe Liberal War on Transparency

NHP: An Eye into Welfare – Giving Away Your Tax Dollars – Deb Shorter

NHP: TeavangelicalsDavid Brody (CBN)

NHP: Red Tape Rising Under ObamaHeritage Report

NHP: Sheriff John Cooke2nd Amendment and Law Enforcement

NHP: The Seamless CityMayor Rick Baker





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