This is the America we deserve

If that is how you feel, make sure you remember there is plenty of blame to go around…..

“While Trump and Corker took potshots at each other, Vice President Mike Pence engaged in an intentionally polarizing stunt by showing up at an Indianapolis Colts football game only to depart in a huff when players from the San Francisco 49ers (predictably) knelt in protest during the national anthem. It was an utterly gratuitous effort to sow race-based dissension and animosity in the country — the diametric opposite of the kind of behavior we normally label “presidential.””

Source: This is the America we deserve

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2 Replies to “This is the America we deserve”

  1. The world has turned upside down…we are living in a world that has increasingly taken on a progressive spin…We are now told that American Values are racist…that the country itself is oppressive to citizens of color…that wealth is only held by a privileged few….yet…as I look at the world…I ask, where is there a place that has solved all its issues…that cares as much about right prevailing over darkness? We are at a junction point…we will either come together, recognizing that while we are imperfect, our efforts to improve, far outweigh our disagreements, or we will allow the voices of division to separate us further, and our Union will not stand…it is not written in stone…we must choose!