Chidester Endorses NH State Senate Candidate JP Marzullo


Jeff Chidester

Chidester describes JP as “person of incredible integrity”

Portsmouth, September 4, 2014: I wanted to share with you why I am supporting JP Marzullo for NH State Senate District 8. The answer is simple – moral character. I have had the pleasure of getting to know JP over the past five-years and find him to be a thoughtful and patient person, qualities that are sorely missing in Concord.

JP is one of those exceptional people that can build consensus without compromising his principles. JP manages to achieve this because he is a person of incredible integrity. JP’s word is sacrosanct, it is absolute. You may not agree with JP on every issue, but you can trust that he will never take any person’s opinion lightly, and he will always be thoughtful in his deliberation before supporting a policy. These are rare traits in a regular person, and almost unheard of in a politician. That is the point, JP is not a politician. If there is a problem, JP commits himself to resolving it using all the tools at his disposal, respecting all valid points of view, while maintaining honesty and transparency.

If you want to send someone to Concord to represent special interests and the status quo, then JP is not your Senator. However, if you want someone who understands the NH Advantage and will fight to restore it, then please vote for JP Marzullo for NH State Senate District 8 on September 9th.

Jeff Chidester
New Hampshire Perspective Radio Show

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