Chidester Endorses NH State Senate Candidate Jane Cormier


Jeff Chidester

Jane will work “tirelessly on behalf of her constituents”
Portsmouth, September 4, 2014: On September 9, Republicans in District 16 have a clear choice when selecting their next State Senator. Representative Jane Cormier has served with distinction in the New Hampshire House, pledging herself to sponsoring and passing legislation dedicated to helping New Hampshire families prosper. Now Jane would like to bring that same commitment to the NH Senate, an effort I fully endorse.

As a lifelong educator, member of the NH House, a director for a non-profit, and a mother of two, Jane brings a wealth of knowledge and a real world understanding to the NH Senate chamber that is missing.

Jane is keenly aware of the impact that government can have on the issues affecting working families, and has worked tirelessly to protect our personal liberty, while honoring self-reliance and advocating for personal accountability. Jane understands that government can at times provide a safety net for those that are truly in need, but only after all other options have been given the opportunity to succeed. However, Jane also stands with the majority of New Hampshirites who know that government must also be held accountable to taxpayers of New Hampshire.

Jane understands that sound, consistent fiscal policies are the foundation of the NH Advantage. Jane is also very aware that burdensome regulations do nothing to improve safety or prevent criminal activity, and serve only to hurt the mom and pop small business owners and scare away young entrepreneurs. Jane has seen businesses failing not from the business owner’s malfeasance, but from the heavy hand of misguided bureaucrats. Jane believes that we must recommit ourselves to the NH Advantage, and that in order to strengthen our existing businesses and attract new businesses, New Hampshire must remove the burden that is hurting small business owners and their employees.

Jane also has been a leading voice on the issue of education. As an educator and parent, Jane understands the importance of a strong educational foundation, but knows that the more involved the parents are with the process, the greater the likelihood of success. Jane, like many of us, understands that a ‘parent-teacher-student’ centric teaching model provides the best opportunity for the student. That the ‘one-size-fits-all’ educational model is inferior to the stronger locally controlled model, and that parents and students must have control over choosing the right learning path based on the student’s needs.

Jane Cormier will carry the same commonsense, reliability, and perseverance that has earned her the respect of her colleagues in the New Hampshire House. Please cast your ballot for a candidate of unimpeachable character and an honest devotion for her constituents. Please vote Jane Cormier.

Jeff Chidester
New Hampshire Perspective Radio Show

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