History Repeats Itself In Ferguson

Will we never learn?

In 2006, three members of the Duke men’s lacrosse team were tried, convicted, and punished in the court of public opinion on charges that later proved to be false. The same race baiters, socialist agitators, media morons, and the low information public that were at the heart of this public crucifixion are at it again in Ferguson.  Not one of them was ever held accountable for their disgusting behavior, and were allowed to continue running around the country unchecked, like arsonists throwing gasoline on the very fires they helped start.

The media, Sharpton, Jackson, NAACP, academia (remember the Group of 88?), guilt-ridden white liberals, and Democrat politicians all condemned and convicted the Duke Lacrosse team. There was no ‘mea culpa’ or public condemnation once it was discovered that all of it had been a fabrication, a lie. Sharpton, the media and all the usual suspects packed up their cameras and their soapboxes and marched unmolested into the next ‘crisis.’ Yet like lapdogs, Americans ran back to the trough that the media placed before them, and eagerly gobbled down the poison kibble.

A young man was killed by a police officer, a tragedy on many levels. However, this is not the time to have a ‘conversation’ about race relations in America. It is time to turn the cameras off, for all the interlopers to go home, and for politicians to get their noses and their mouths out of a place they do not belong. This is not a race crisis; it is a heartbreaking dose of reality.

The town of Ferguson and the State of Missouri deserved the opportunity to deal with this situation. If they handled it in a manner inconsistent with the judicial values of our country, only then would outside influence have been justified. The moment the camera trucks pulled into Ferguson the fate of the town was set in stone, for where there are unscrupulous news organizations concerned more about filling a 24-hour news cycle and beating the competition, integrity and true concern for the people is abandoned.

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