Sen. Harry Reid and his Chorus of Delusional Dems

There are only a few things more pathetic than a person with power who also happens to be a bully. When that person is not only a U.S. senator but also Senate majority leader, Harry Reid, is there any wonder an overwhelming majority of Americans no longer trust our representatives to act with integrity?

Sen. Reid is everything that is wrong with Washington, D.C. Reid is the embodiment of a corrupt and petty politician who should not have been re-elected, and probably should have been expelled long ago. In a den of thieves and liars, Reid truly is the boss.

Reid’s latest outrage was to stand on the floor of the U.S. Senate and call the very citizens who pay his salary liars. Whispering like a political parody of the cartoon villain Snidely Whiplash, Reid sneered regarding the very real negative impacts of Obamacare on people: “There’s plenty of horror stories being told. All of them are untrue.”

Reid then doubled down and with a poker face earned from more than 30 years of living in D.C. proclaimed, “All of them are untrue.” No wiggle room in that statement. The only truth was the open sentence: “There’s plenty of horror stories being told.” Yes, there are some in New Hampshire, and they are real.

Are some of the stories being used as political fodder against the Democrats? Yes, but that only makes them inconvenient; not untrue. Both political parties capitalize on the other party’s failing. In this case, Obamacare has been exposed as something poorly conceived, horribly executed, underperforming, supported by inflated or outright false numbers, and requiring waiver after waiver and delay after delay. Yes, Mr. Reid, someone is lying, but it is not the honest, hard-working people of this country who have been adversely affected by the disaster known as Obamacare. I would say, “Shame on you Sen. Reid,” but your actions are those of a person either incapable or unconcerned of the dishonor you have once again brought to the chamber of the U.S. Senate.

In the same speech, Reid decided to help lead a choir of delusional Democrats in a distorted rendition of a modified Milli Vanilli song “Blame it on the Koch Brothers.” He claimed these boogie men haunting the Democrats were responsible for one of the ads mentioned in Reid’s speech, when in fact the Koch brothers were not responsible. Funny, though, how Reid’s unrighteous anger did not call him to the floor when the progressive organization Agenda Project Action Fund produced an ad that showed a Congressman Paul Ryan look-a-like pushing “granny over a cliff.”

Where was Reid’s fury when the pro-Democratic American Sunrise PAC produced a racist ad showing Congressman Allen West punching senior citizens and middle-aged women. Reid then had the gall to use his bully pulpit to make the outrageous and insidious statement that “the Koch brothers are about as un-American as anyone I can imagine.” Really, Sen. Reid? Anyone?

Reid and the extreme far left need someone to blame in an effort of distract people from his failure in leadership and the Democrats’ failed policies. I am indifferent to the Koch brothers and, yes, I am concerned by the influence that money has on our elections. However, Democrats only seem to be concerned when the money is being used to shine the light on them.

The Center for Responsive Politics reports that between 1989 and 2014 most of the top 25 donors to political campaigns are unions and, no surprise, they donated exclusively to Democrats. Public and private sector unions contribute 55 percent of the top 25 contributors, for a total of $552 million. The largest single political “donor” was the pro-Democratic ActBlue, with more than $100 million donated exclusively to Democrats. And where is Koch Industries on that list? All the way down at 59th, having donated $18 million. Koch Industries was just ahead of the American Postal Workers Union. What do you think, Sen. Reid? Should we force them to change their name to the “un-American” Postal Workers Union? Didn’t think so.

Of course, Democrats would rather not discuss their sugar daddy, George Soros, one of the largest total donors through such groups as, Democracy Alliance, Media Matters, Health Care for America Now, Center for American Progress and Campaign for America’s Future. Nothing to see here, right Sen. Reid?

As President Obama grants one extension after another (pushing painful deadlines beyond the mid-term elections, no politicking there), as many Democrats find excuses not to be seen with Obama (including N.H. Gov. Maggie Hassan), Reid decided he needed to rally the base, give them a little red meat. Nothing rallies the delusional more than a fairy tale that ignores the truth and points the false finger of indignation at a mythical beast. One has to wonder whether Sen. Jeanne Shaheen agrees with her leader. Does Sen. Shaheen defend Majority Leader Reid’s statement? Does Sen. Shaheen also believe Americans are liars?

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